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1 - 12x6 Inch Round Giant Candle


You have to agree these candle colors are bold and beautiful!

A 12 inch burning candle with multiple wicks will put out a shimmering light that defines ceremony and accents home decors!

The second picture is Red Lipstick and will stand out any where you decide to put it in your decor!

Shadows extra large pillar candles can be used out doors too!  So, if you've got a patio party coming up these are the large patio candles you need!   

12 inch round candles have 7 wicks........bring on the candle lite!

Check out our wide variety of candle colors for your giant pillar candle.

The price shown is for (1) 12x6 inch round candle.

Approximate burn time on the round candle:  150 hours