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12x36 Extra Large Round Rustic Candle


Indoors or outdoors, extra tall large pillar candles are a great addition to any decor! These 12x36 inch extra large rustic candles are perfect outdoors too. The 12x36 inch round candle in this picture is the one in the center with the other large candles wrapped around it....

Shadows giant floor candles are rustic and burn great. Multiple wicks give off a great soft glow to add to that special occasion you're celebrating!

The price shown is for (1) extra large round unique rustic candle. You can choose Square if you'd like to add some "sharpness" to your decor.

The approximate burn time on the 12x36 inch candle is 950 hours. Of course, that depends on various factors; draft, hot or cold room....the list goes on.........