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4x14 Tall Round or Square Big Candles - PAIR


The candle color shown is Red Lipstick and you have to agree these 4 inch pillar candles are bold and beautifully rustic!!!

White is a traditional wedding candle color. But, what if you coordinate your colors and get wedding candles that match your wedding colors? Shadows can help you with "the match"...give us a call - 720-527-2079 or email 

You can get round or square candles in your favorite candle color.

The 6x10 inch big round pillar candle can be found in the 6 inch candle section under the shop button. 

The price shown is for (2) 4x14 inch round candles - the square candles are a bit more.

The approximate burn time on one round 4x14 inch candle is 170 hours.

The approximate burn time on one square 4x14 inch candle is 175 hours.