Depending on what you order...To get your candles by Christmas the dead line to order is 12-14-18!

4x14 Inch Blue Waves Unique Rustic Candles


These 4x14 inch Blue Waves Unique Rustic candles are Boss Blue on the bottom blending into Pacific Blue upwards ending in a very light blue at the top. Candles from our Unique Rustic collection are created in our candle studio by hand pouring each candle.

Again, a great customer has sent me pictures of the candles placed where they show off their unique texture and style! When the pictures are this great I can't resist adding them to the site so others can see them in their "place".

Shop our online candle store and find the perfect candle for that space you want to show off............

The price shown is for (2) round 4x14 inch unique rustic candles. For a little more you can choose square candles.