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6x12 Inch Giant Round or Square Pillar Candle


This 6x12 inch giant round or square pillar candle shows off the great candle designs because it's hand poured!

Now, we're getting to the size where it really starts to stand out in your decor!

All lit up our 6x12 inch tall giant candles look amazing when they're burning! The rustic and textured finish will show the detail in the candle as it burns!

Great for outdoors to put around the hot tub and catch some candle light! Or, put in your favorite candle lantern!!! Just make sure if you're putting it in a candle lantern that you leave a 2 inch space between the candle and lantern.

The Candle Log shown in the one picture can be seen and purchased in the Giant Log category of our Giant on line Candle Store.

The price shown is for (1) 6x12 inch round candle. For a little more you can choose your candle in square.

Burn time on this 6 inch wide candle is approximately 200 hours.