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6x14 Inch Giant Round Pillar Candle


Take your decor to the next level and get a 6 inch wide giant candle! 

Extra tall 6 inch candles can be hand poured up to 60 inches tall and that means it will really stand out anywhere.

You have to agree the rustic and textured finish will add a unique look to your decor! In the second picture the 6x16 inch huge candle is the one on the left side.

Large pillar candles on this site are perfect for your indoor or outdoor candle lanterns. Ample room in the candle lantern is (approximately 2") between the candle and the lantern sides. That space makes for good ventilation so the heat doesn't build up and melt your candle. All candles must be kept out of direct sunlight to preserve the candle color.

The price shown is for (1) 6x14 inch round candle.

Burn time is approximately 224 for the 14 inch tall candle.