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6x30 or 6x32 Inch Giant Round Pillar Candle


2nd picture. 30 inch extra tall pillar candle......well, it used to be that tall! Shadows wanted to show you if you burn your 6 inch wide candle per our instructions this is what you'll get and we call it our "time to reorder" picture!!!

These 6 inch wide extra tall Pillar Candles have a textured rustic finish and will accent any decor with elegance!

Shadows has a great variety of colors and fragrances! Here's something unheard can choose how much fragrance you want in your pillar candle! It's in the options tab when you order your large Candle.

The price shown is for (1) 6x30 inch candle. For a bit more you can choose 32 inches tall.

Burn time on the 6x30 inch tall pillar candle is approximately 480 hours - on the 6x32 inch extra tall pillar candle burn time is approximately 512 hours.