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6x42 or 6x44 or 6x46 Inch Giant Round Pillar Candle


Shadows online candle store has 6x46 inch tall pillar candles and many other large candle sizes too!

In the 2nd picture is a 6x42 inch extra tall candle in the back. Love the old black and white pictures.

You get to choose your favorite candle color from our great selection!

Extra tall Pillar Candles are all about having something big and unique that nobody else has! Shadows online candle store has a huge candle selection for you and they're all hand poured so each one has its own style and character!

Price shown is for (1) 6x42 inch round candle. For a bit more you can choose your candle to be 44 or 46 inches extra tall.

Burn time on the 42 inch tall candle is approximately 672 hours - burn time on the 44 inch is approximately 704 - burn time on the 46 inch extra tall candle is approximately 736 hours.