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8x14 or 8x16 or 8x18 Inch Giant Round Pillar Candle


The 18 inch tall candle color is Champagne and is a great addition to any decor.  Your choices are; 8x14 or 8x16 or 8x18 inch giant pillar candle. The other candles are 4 inch diameter by 24 inches tall.

Shadows has been able to match the right wick with the right wax to burn the candle all the way down. The burning candle was 6 inches wide and 24 inches tall! Hug your candle!

The price shown is for (1) 8x14 inch round candle. But, for a little more you can choose 16 or 18 inches tall.

The approximate burn time for the 8x14 inch is 266 hours - the 8x16 is 304 - the 8x18 is 342 hours.