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8x6 Inch Giant Round or Square Pillar Candle


The 8x6 Candle is the one on the right side of the page, in front of the Log Candle. You can find the log in our giant log section. Shadows loves showing you candle images of what we've done! There's even a picture of a burning candle!

You have to agree this candle will look great in your home! You can also use it out on your patio! This 8 inch wide candle will look spectacular in any setting! 8 inch wide giant candles have a unique rustic textured finish nobody else can do like Shadows and giant candles will accent any decor with elegance!

The price shown is for (1) 8x6 inch giant round candle. But, for a little more you can order the square candle.

The approximate burn time is 114 hours and the square is approximately 117 hours.